Restore the Health of Your Trees

Set up routine tree trimming in the Lone Tree & Coralville, IA area.

It may seem counterintuitive, but trees need to be regularly pruned in order to grow taller and stronger. They must be cut back. Regular tree trimming gets rid of dead or dying branches, which not only makes the tree healthier, but also keeps those branches from falling on your property. Outdoor Pros offers tree trimming in the Lone Tree & Coralville, IA area.

You should invest in regular tree pruning because it:

  • Encourages the growth of healthy limbs
  • Makes the tree grow evenly
  • Removes dangerous limbs before they fall

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Understanding the widowmaker tree branch

Understanding the widowmaker tree branch

Healthy trees that are regularly trimmed grow tall and strong. However, a tree that is neglected can fall victim to disease and overgrowth. That can result in large, dead branches that are often called widowmakers. They earned this name by their tendency to fall on people below. To prevent them, routine tree pruning is necessary.

Don't ignore the potential widowmakers. Contact Outdoor Pros now and ask about our tree pruning services immediately.